Welcome to the users of Rete Gratuita

20 January 2017

Dear user of ReteGratuita welcome in Oonion!

Oonion is the social network for the citizen, to interact with the local administration, to post stories and find interesting information close to you. With the Oonion App you will navigate for free and without limits, connecting to more than 300 hotspots of Rete Gratuita in Italy.

App Login from Rete Gratuita
First Access

  1. After you download the App, go into the profile tab e click on login.
  2. Insert your phone number as username: international prefix (+39 for Italy), followed by a blank space and the rest of the number.
  3. After login you will use all the featires of the Oonion App and navigate for free without limits connected to any of the hotspots of Rete Gratuita.
  4. Complete your profile with your email and choosing a username you can use as a credential next time you will login into Oonion.

What are you waiting for? Go and download the App. We are looking forward to reading your stories.