The new Rete Gratuita Captive Portal is on line!

18 January 2017

Rete Gratuita Ooonion’s free network wifi gratuito di Oonion has been renewed in graphics and functionality.
With the Oonion App you can navigate the internet for free and without limits thanks to more than 300 hotspots in Italy.

Rete Gratuita systema is available to everyone and allows free internet access.

Captive Portal

Every time you will be near one of the hotspots woth your wireless device (tablet, smartphone, notebook etc)
you will be able to navigate, read your emails and access special contents with a free registration.
Thanks to the Oonion App you will be granted unlimited navigation without limits. At the same time you will access Oonion the social network for the citizen that allows to post personal stories and find interesting information around you.
So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner below and download it!