The inspiration

“The best for the group comes when everyone in the group does what’s best for himself AND the group”
John Nash


The ReteGratuita system is available to all and provides access to a free “wi-fi enhanced” service, a sort of local augmented reality online. Every time you find yourself in range of HotSpot with any wireless devices (tablets, smartphones, notebooks,
etc) you can surf, read mail, and access valuable information. You just have to register and you will be given free internet access. Here is the
map of all HotSpots.


The data collected by Oonion became available free of charge through information and communication technologies and freely available to anyone who requests it with only the requirement to keep database always open. The widespread use of technological
devices provides us the opportunity to promote collaboration between people.


Thanks to the WiFi Free Network sharing and the geolocation Oonion send targeted messages via the devices, managed by App.


In our case, we use consolidated technologies in the context the Indoor Positioning and network sharing, able to interact in a smart way via free apps for Oonionverso.

La App

Oltre a navigare gratuitamente la App Oonion ti offre molto di più.

What are you waiting for? Download now!


News, notifications, traffic updates, users’ reports, pools. Here you can find all relevant informations for you and your community.


The geo-tagged stories, points of interest and Rete Gratuita’s hotspots around you.


A wristband for children and adults, a pendant for pets, a coin for the objects you want to monitor. OonionRing is a wireless device capable of emitting a WiFi signal that the app OonionRing converts to an approximate distance from your location.



With Oonion you have all the information available that can be useful for both, citizens and tourist. You will receive alert notifications or other useful information. Know the schedules of offices and useful services such as schools,
garbage, etc. You can make your voice heard by reporting problems, dangerous situations and respond in surveys pointing out your opinion.


You can geo-localize the information that you feel is appropriate without any cost. You’ll be able to grow the dialogue with your audience through an innovative tool and free for the user.


We ask you to contribute to our project to allow us to leave free the public. You will receive visibility through various initiatives and will help to give to yourself and to everyone a new instrument of collective participation.


SOCIAL WiFi from cloud to fog

The Cloud is an IT paradigm where services run far away from the user/owner.
Having servers clustered on Cloud is more efficient than owning one’s own individual server in one’s workplace.
The Fog is a model where services surround the user/owner who as a part of it, and can touch it.



The private network is completely separated from the external user network.
It’s possible to monitor and limit the bandwidth.

Messages administration

You can schedule messages, news, banner, landing pages and email campaign.

Social Dashboard

Allows to monitor guests and passerby and set your own marketing campaign.

No technical expertise is required. Everything is delegated to oonion

We envision not just a single product but an ecosystem or, as we call it, the Oonionverse! and allows many Public Administrations to make it useful with alert messages, surveys and news.

Oonion is the lead partner

A network committed to the promotion of unexpected places of historical, cultural and environmental importance in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites